Salish Sea Deaf School is a unique independent school, established in 2015, designed specifically for the Deaf. The school prides itself on having a challenging and inquiry-based curriculum that meets students' individual learning needs. We uphold the belief in the importance of small class size, thus safeguarding the individualized attention that every child deserves.

The curriculum at Salish Sea Deaf School is progressive and flexible as the field of education itself evolves, combining traditional approaches with innovative methods, while addressing Common Core requirements.

Salish Sea Deaf School encourages each student to learn at his or her own pace meeting each student at their individual learning level to ensure development for personal growth though individualized lessons. Salish Sea helps students acheive academic excellence and the confidence to express their ideas and opinions.

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ASL/English Bilingual Programming and Early Childhood Education information provided by Galladudet University - Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center

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