It’s about more than school.

We uphold the certainty that by embracing each individual's unique strengths and contributions, we guide the development of academic excellence, exploration of ideas, curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and confidence.

Our Mission

Salish Sea Deaf School uses innovative teaching practices to provide academic excellence, utilizing an ASL/English bilingual approach to bring opportunities to enhance language competency, student curiosity and a positive self identity. SSDS strives to inspire students to reach their fullest potential and "Achieve More”. SSDS embraces each student's unique strengths and contributions; we educate students today to empower them for future success.

Our Objectives

Proficiency in ASL

We teach and model fluent American Sign Language for optimal expressive and receptive communication skills.


We believe it’s important to respect students' unique strengths, talents and challenges.


We allow students to explore their ideas, develop curiosity, cultivate creativity, improve critical thinking and grow confidence.


Promoting communication, cooperation and collaboration within the Deaf community and the Hearing community at large.

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